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Brazilian Buttock Lifting Costs in Istanbul

Brazilian Buttock Lifting Costs In Istanbul
Brazilian Buttock Lifting Costs In Istanbul

Brazilian buttock lifting is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to enlarge the buttocks with the help of autologous fat. This form of buttock augmentation can plump the buttocks, give them more volume and tighten the skin. First, fatty tissue is removed from the body as part of liposuction. This is then processed and injected into the buttocks. Within a few weeks, the fat heals and enlarges the bottom. Using autologous fat can produce very natural looking results and give the buttocks a full, rounded shape.

The Brazilian Butt Lift owes its name to the beauty ideal of Brazil’s full, round buttocks. Hip augmentation with autologous fat is also becoming increasingly popular here, as many women in Europe and the USA now want a larger, fuller buttocks.

What criteria must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for Brazilian buttock aesthetics as a patient?

Brazilian butt lift is especially suitable for patients who want a moderate enlargement of their hips and refuse to use implants. Buttock augmentation with autologous fat only slightly enlarges the buttocks, resulting in a particularly natural-looking result. However, approximately six months after the first butt lift, the procedure can be repeated to increase the enlargement.

Due to the firming and plumping effect of Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics, the procedure is also suitable when the butt is loose and saggy. This can happen, for example, after drastic weight loss. This means that patients who want a firmer buttock are also suitable for this form of butt augmentation.

One criterion that can exclude a patient from Brazilian buttock lift is the absence of adipose tissue. Very thin people often do not have enough fat to fill their hips. Gaining weight before treatment can provide the necessary adipose tissue, but not always enough fat. In this case, an implant can be used to enlarge the hip.

What is the Brazilian butt lift cost?

The cost of butt augmentation with autologous fat depends on a number of factors. For example, it is important how much the hip should be enlarged and how much autologous fat is required. Since Brazilian Butt Lift combines two different plastic surgeries, the treatment is costly accordingly. The cost of this type of butt enlargement is around 3,500 Euros.