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Istanbul Brazilian butt lift has become very popular in recent years as aesthetic butt lift with autologous fat. More and more women want to use their own fat to enlarge their hips and shape their bodies. Brazilian butt lift not only provides a beautiful butt, but also removes annoying fat deposits. Autologous fat is obtained by an operation and transferred to the buttock. Thus, patients not only get rid of the love handles or the fat in the saddlebags, but also get a beautiful butt. That’s why butt aesthetics are being asked more and more frequently at BBL Istanbul. Make an online appointment now and get advice from aesthetic and plastic surgeons. BBL Istanbul is the center of aesthetic and plastic surgery focusing on body shaping.

Advice from plastic and aesthetic surgeons in Istanbul

Before a surgical intervention, the priority is a detailed consultation. Istanbul BBL doctor specializes in butt lift, butt tightening and butt lift. During the personal interview, the patient is given detailed information about Brazilian butt lift surgery and explained. All questions asked by patients are answered peacefully. An examination of the body is also done. BBL before and after photos of patients are also shown during the consultation appointment. Many patients have a few questions when it comes to Brazilian butt lift. This is understandable, so the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery is at your disposal to answer them in detail. If you are interested in Brazilian Butt Lift, do not hesitate and make an appointment for a consultation.

For more questions or to book a personal consultation, you can reach the Propal Health team via the online portal.

Brazilian Butt Lift Methods

Many women want to enlarge their butt. Sport does not always achieve the perfect result, so more and more patients are undergoing surgery. Brazilian butt lift can enlarge the buttocks and remove irritating fat. Before butt shaping and butt enlargement procedures, liposuction is performed on the thigh, abdomen or back area. The extracted fat is filtered and injected into the buttocks area by autologous fat transfer. The hips can be shaped in different ways using different surgical techniques and a thin cannula. The duration of the operation is about 3 hours.

What methods are there?

Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL for short, can be done using different methods. On the one hand, the butt can be enlarged with liposuction. The fats taken are used to enlarge the buttocks. Placement of implants is also common in BBL and can tighten tissue and relieve cellulite.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After
When do we see the result?

After the treatment, the buttocks need time to recover from the procedure. The final result of the Brazilian Butt Lift can be seen after about 6 weeks.

Where is liposuction done?

Liposuction is usually performed on the thighs, abdomen, arms and back. The resulting fat can then be used to shape the buttocks.